A Reluctant Voice

I am an introvert.

That doesn’t mean I hate being around people.It does mean that being around people makes me tired.


It does mean, at least for me, that self promotion is incredibly difficult. It does mean that I rarely share an idea out loud until I’m certain that what I’m sharing is accurate and feasible. It does mean that hitting ‘submit’ on any post on this blog will be a task on par with buying a new home or deciding to have another child. Hyperbole? Perhaps. But an accurate representation of my labored thought processes.

I love student ministry. It’s what consumes my brain and I am wired for it. I’ve been in the game for a decade now and to be honest I feel like I have some stuff to share that is worthwhile. My introverted self hates that I just wrote that sentence, but my “Affirmed As a Pastor to High School Students” self has experienced and experimented enough that it seems weird not to use my voice.

So… here we are. An exercise in public thought process & experimentation from a hesitant voice that I hope matters to someone, somewhere. This sentence will be terribly hard for me to push “submit” on, but here it is: “My name is Brad Hauge and I’m a good youth pastor. I’ve felt the Spirit affirm this over and over again and I’d love to create a space where my voice and your voice can dialogue in a way that helps lead students into a revolution that lets God’s Kingdom come.”


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