“The Scared is scared of the things you like”


Just about every day I receive a gchat message, a text or (most often) a shout of “BRAD GET IN HERE!” from the interns back in their corner office. I’d like to say I’m usually summoned to answer some deep theological question or provide some wisdom to a tough situation with a student. Alas, it is often to announce a new high score on the office Perplexus or to show off a new trick with the Kendama. (OK, so 75% of the time I go in there on my own volition is for the same reasons!)

However, one day I received the summons and was treated to this short film. Our Middle School intern, Nick, went to high school with the woman who made the film. I was blown away- this thing oozes with imagination, innocence and meaning.

I watched it 4 times that day and multiple times since. It stirred something within me- and honestly, I’m still figuring out what exactly that is. Give it a watch- it’s so worth the 7 minutes of your life, and let me know what it stirred in you.


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